Boat Lessons

Power or Sail we have mastered the art of allowing you to enjoy your time on the water. Weather you would like to just learn the basics of your ship and maneuvering in and around the dock to anchoring out for the weekend, we can assist you so navigating your vessel doesn't feel like such a burdon. Give us just a few weeks of going out consistently and you will be confident in all the aspects and handling of your vessel.  

Cleaning & Wash Downs

Exterior Aesthetics

We use the best polymers and waxes on the market to keep your paint or gel coat protected from the sun while maintaining the highest gloss. The stainless steel on your boat will remain with a mirror image for the duration of your vessels stay with us. 

Private Captaining

When one of our Licensed USCG Captains takes the helm, you can enjoy the ride as we guide you to and from your favorite destinations in and around the Long Island Area. We operate out of Sag Harbor and Shelter Island, New York and our favorite lunch destinations are on Shelter Island and Greenport, New York. There are countless swimming holes and beautiful places to catch the sunset over the bay. 


Maintenance & Service


We provide a thorough preventative maintenance schedule keeping an eye on your oil and filters, fuel racers, coolant levels and drive belt condition. Having been in the mega yacht and sailing industry for over 10 years we have a grasp of the big and small engines. Its my prerogative to keep your boat operating as safe and efficiently as possible.