Captain Chris Hanson

I was born on the water in Rhode Island, then moved to the mountains of Vermont before I finally settled in for both, the way life should be in Maine. Nearly all of my schooling was in York, but I had alot of fun playing lacrosse and being an avid mountain bike mechanic and racer for Scott Berger's team in York. College was a bit of last minute decision to study Business and Recreation at Western State College in Colorado. After 1 year I was hesitant to go back for I was asked to sail aboard a custom S&S Yawl called Mickey Finn that was built by my best friends dad, Paul Rollins who is a trusted wooden boat builder in the town of York, Maine. Cruising down the East Coast from Lake Champlain to the Bahamas in November was the warmest feeling I've ever had in that month. I felt truly blessed for I knew this is what I wanted to to do the rest of my life. 
After several months enjoying the Bahamas and realizing just how blissful ignorance can be on that first trip, I decided some education in Fort Lauderdale was the next step in the right direction. Walking the docks, schooling for my STCW-95 and day-working put me in the mega-yacht industry very fast. It was like walking into a grand casino in Vegas going from a 49' yawl to a 140' Luxury Yacht called Starship, where I worked as a deck hand for nearly a year before my heart and fate started pulling at my sailing roots. 
A dear friend I met in Florida while schooling happened to turn into a brilliant multihull sailor. Nils Erickson bought an old Morelli and Melvin Formula 40 Catamaran to be named Soma. This is when life took hold at 20+ knots and before I knew it I was back on a monohull, only because we couldn't keep the windward hull in the water. It was too much fun not too! 5+ years cruising and racing the Caribbean waters with Nils and his beautiful wife Meredith turned them from the dearest of friends to family for they have guided me so far in life, I couldn't be more thankful. 
After a slow delivery to Tahiti on a real monohull, I came to Rhode Island to caretake and oversee a refit on a Gunboat 62 that Nils was running out of Newport, so he and Mer could take a vacation for they are the two people that never stop working. They asked if I wanted to go to NY and to be truthful I really didn't, for Maine was just right there and all I wanted to do was go home and rest before who knows what the next adventure would be? Mer says Kid catch this dockline and before I could speak I was calling distance from the dock so Nils could make his turn to head out of the marina. They tricked me into what would be the next and biggest adventure of a lifetime. Nils, "Sag Harbor next stop" Me, "Is that near the City??" Mer, "No Kiddo don't worry we will be there soon, and you're going to love it." Me, Singing "on the road again, just don't know when I'll be home again." Smiling from ear to ear. 
Upon arrival to Sag the first introductions were made to Meredith's dear friend Chris Dowling who is a a yacht manager, broker, sailer and master of his craft. Chris and I became buddy buddy right away and I don't know if its only because I could remember his name or I laughed at his jokes, for which he has many. Just before Labor Day weekend in 2011 Chris offered me to help him for the summer with a few boats. I asked what kind and he listed some names like Morris, Hinckley and Brenta. I knew the first two and I quicky searched the third. Without a place to live and nothing else to do I said Yes. After shaking hands, work began right away. I then met Chris's dear mother Nancy Haynes and she has been my guiding light since Ive been living in Sag Harbor. Finding me a place to live and more work than I know what to do with. So here I am living and working in such a beautiful part of the world where I can mountain bike, surf, paddle board and kite till my hearts content. Thank you to all the forementioned people and there are many I didn't mention but you know who you are. 
Sail Fast and Live Slow! Boat Hampton here we go!